What Parts Make up a Skylight?

SkylightA skylight is a window in the ceiling. Its parts are similar to a traditional window, with a few added features to keep out the weather. Knowing the parts that make up a skylight will empower you to get the best skylight for your money, according to Sill to Sash.


Every skylight starts with a frame. This is what gives it its basic shape. Frames can be constructed from wood, metal or synthetic materials. Framing materials contribute to a skylight’s overall performance values.


The skylight sash rests on the frame, protecting it and holding the glazing in place. This part of the skylight is seen from the outside. Most of the time, the sash is made from either metal or resin, because these materials are great at taking a beating from the elements while retaining their beauty and function.


The parts of a skylight that let in light are called glazing. Traditionally, the glazing is made from glass; however, modern technology offers a wide variety of materials. A skylight’s glazing can be single, double, or triple paned. Special coatings are available to help filter UV rays and reduce heat gain.

Weather Stripping

The layer of insulation between the sash and the frame is called weather stripping. It serves to prevent condensation and heat transfer between the sash materials, the glazing and the frame.


Made up of metal strips, flashing maintains the weatherproofing between the shingles and the skylight. The purpose of flashing is to keep rainwater flowing away from the skylight, over the shingles and down the roof toward the gutters. Without it, the skylight would leak perpetually.

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Skylights add beauty and architectural interest to your home and help lower energy costs. Knowing the anatomy of a skylight enables you make an informed purchase and helps you troubleshoot any problems that may arise once it is installed.