What is the Length of Tubular Skylights?

Tubular Skylight lengthThe length of tubular skylights is one of the most important factors to consider when determining if this is the right type of skylight to install in your home, but it is not the only factor. Some skylights are simply windows that are installed into the roof of your home and that allow sunlight to cascade directly into the room. However, tubular skylights have more sophisticated components that are installed in the ceiling, the roof and the space in between. Because of this, it is important to know the length of tubular skylights.

The Minimum Amount of Space Needed for Installation

A tubular skylight features a dome-shaped window installed on the roof, a reflective tube with a light enhancer, a diffuser that is installed in the ceiling and several other components, according to Bob Vila. In order for all of these components to fit properly and in order for them to work as intended, you will need at least 16 inches of space between the roof and the ceiling. This should be space that is free and clear or that can be cleared away without impacting the structure of the home or other features. The tubes generally can be extended, and you can find a skylight that is suitably sized for a larger amount of space.

Other Factors to Consider

The length of tubular skylights is just one of several factors that you must consider when making this decision. For example, the angle of the roof and the ceiling should also be considered, according to SF Gate. Generally, the angle should be less than 60 degrees. If you are thinking about installing a tubular skylight in one or more areas of your home, consulting with a skylight installation expert is a wise step to take. The installer can inspect your home to determine how feasible your installation project is given the unique size and dimensions of your home.

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