What is the Difference Between Tubular and Vented Skylights?

Tubular SkylightSomeone who wants to add some natural light to a particular room may wonder about the difference between tubular and vented skylights. Though both skylights allow sunlight to enter a room, they differ in appearance and have their own unique features. Take a closer look at what makes tubular and vented skylights so different.

The Appearance of a Tubular Skylight vs. a Vented Skylight

A tubular skylight features a small glass dome that sits on the roof of a home, according to the Florida Solar Energy Center. Attached to the dome is a long tube that runs down into the home. The interior of the tube is made of reflective material. At the other end of the tube is an attractive light fixture that delivers the sunlight collected by the dome on the roof. Alternatively, a vented skylight is a rectangular pane of glass that lays flat on the surface of a home’s roof. Compared to a tubular skylight, a vented skylight looks a lot more like a traditional window. This skylight can be opened to allow fresh air to flow into a home and closed in the event of rain or other inclement weather conditions.

The Features of a Tubular Skylight and a Vented Skylight

A tubular skylight uses the reflective surface inside its tube to absorb sunlight and move it into the household. This special design disperses the sunlight around a room in a home. Alternatively, sunlight moves directly through the glass of a vented skylight and into a room. The owner of a vented skylight can open the device to allow a gentle breeze to flow in and move around the room. The tubular skylight is attached to a fixture and doesn’t allow fresh air to flow in. In addition, a vented skylight can be covered up while a tubular skylight doesn’t need a cover. The owner of a vented skylight needs to clean it on occasion. Streaks of dirt or leaves can obscure a person’s view through this type of skylight. However, the dome of a tubular skylight is hidden from people inside a home, therefore no cleaning is necessary. A person who opts for a tubular skylight gets to choose what type of light fixture it will be attached to. It can be one that complements the décor of the room it is in. A vented skylight doesn’t require an owner to choose a fixture that fits on the ceiling. The vented skylight itself can be seen from inside a room.

The Size of a Tubular and a Vented Skylight

A homeowner is able to install several tubular skylights on one roof, because they are compact and don’t take up much space. Alternatively, one vented skylight takes up a lot of space so putting several on one roof may prove difficult.

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Finally, both skylights serve the purpose of delivering natural light into a kitchen, bathroom, closet or any other room in a home. Knowing the difference between tubular and vented skylights is helpful to individuals who are unsure about which one they prefer.