What is a Sun Tunnel Skylight?

Sun Tunnel SkylightA sun tunnel skylight brings natural sunlight into any desired location in the home. While many home designs incorporate natural sunlight through large, strategically-placed windows, there are inevitably a few areas in many rooms that are darker than the homeowner would like. These often are living rooms, some bedrooms or bathrooms, hallways and more. While you could illuminate these with artificial light, this rarely creates the ideal ambiance, and it also can result in higher energy costs. A smart idea is to install a sun tunnel skylight.

What Is a Sun Tunnel Skylight?

A sun tunnel skylight is not a typical skylight. A standard skylight is more akin to a window that is installed in the ceiling of a room. A sun tunnel skylight captures sunlight and carries it down a shaft. It is then diffused through the room through a unique diffuser assembly that is mounted in your ceiling, according to Velux USA. While there are more components with a sun tunnel skylight than with a traditional skylight, there are also additional benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Sun Tunnel Skylight?

A sun tunnel skylight delivers natural sunlight into your room without altering the color. It is an affordable alternative to a skylight that can help you to reduce energy consumption and to save money. In addition, it can improve ambiance and even home value in some cases.

Determining the Right Option for Your Home

A sun tunnel skylight is just one of several types of skylights that may be incorporated into your home to provide you with incredible results. Many will opt for this type of skylight over other options because of the unique combination of benefits it can provide. If you are thinking about installing a sunlight in your home, take time to learn more about this popular skylight model.

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