What is a Deck Mounted Skylight?

Deck-Mounted Skylight Choosing the right type of skylight to install on your property is imperative, and you may be wondering if a deck-mounted skylight is a great option for your home. The two main types of skylights available are a deck-mounted and a curb-mounted skylight. As the differences in the names suggest, the main variation between these two relates to the type of mounting that is used during the installation process.

What to Expect With Deck-Mounting

When installing a skylight, the window can either be installed directly into the roof’s structure, or deck, or it can be installed into a frame, or curb. A deck-mounted skylight is installed directly into the roof’s structure, according to the Skylight Guys. This means that a raised frame or curb does not need to be prepared, and it can simplify the installation process. Keep in mind that both stationery and opening or vented windows can be used with either option. In addition, flat or domed windows can also be used with either option. Therefore, the main difference lies in how the window is installed in the roof.

How to Decide Which Option is Best

After you know more about the difference between a deck-mounted skylight and a curb-mounted option, you may be wondering which option is best for your home. First, consider how you want the window to look from the ground level. This is particularly important if you the skylight will be visible from the front yard or street level. Also, consider the waterproofing benefits. Both have waterproofing benefits, but a curb-mounted option may be most beneficial at preventing leaks if you have a flat roof. You can consult with a skylight installation professional to learn more about the options and to get a recommendation for the installation method that is best for your home.

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