What is a Curb-Mounted Skylight?

Curb-Mounted SkylightIf you are thinking about installing a new skylight in your home, you may wonder what is a curb-mounted skylight. Exploring the many models and styles of skylights available is a first step to take to improving your home with this beneficial feature, but with so many styles to choose from, it is easy to become overwhelmed with the options. After you have learned what a curb-mounted skylight is, you may decide that this is a great way to bring natural sunlight into a dark area of your home.

Using a Curb as a Window Frame

A curb-mounted skylight is simply a type of skylight that is installed into a curb in the roof. A curb is a raised platform or frame that the skylight window will rest in, and it typically is made out of lumber, according to AIA Industries. The window itself may be flat or domed based on your needs. In most cases, a curb-mounted skylight is one of the better options when installing the skylight into an existing building. This is because the installation process requires the installer to cut a suitably-sized hole into the roof for the window to fit into. The window, however, will need a supportive frame, and it is easier and faster to install a frame that projects outward above the roof line.

Making Your Decision About the Window

When deciding if a curb-mounted skylight is right for your home, you may think about things like how you want your roof line to appear, if the curb could be visible from your front yard and what the alternative installation options are. Consulting with a professional skylight installer is a great way to learn more about the benefits of this type of skylight for your home as well as the installation cost for your project.

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