What Are the Different Types of Skylight Glass?

Skylight GlassA homeowner who wants to install a skylight should consider the different types of skylight glass. There are several features to look for when choosing skylight glass. The most important feature is the quality of the glass. For instance, homeowners should research a skylight’s ability to endure harsh weather conditions such as hail, drenching rain and heavy snowfall. Also, skylight glass should be able to withstand the impact of small branches and perhaps even a ball thrown onto the roof of a home. Most homeowners want skylight glass with an attractive interior and exterior that complements the appearance of their residence. Take a look at a few varieties of skylight glass to find out about the qualities of each one.

Safety Laminated Glass

The design of safety laminated glass involves two outer layers of glass with a sheet of plastic in-between them. This sheet of polyvinyl butyral, or PVB, ensures that the two sections of glass will remain together even if the skylight suffers damage. For instance, if a large tree branch fell on a skylight made with safety laminated glass, it would break into large pieces. The design of this type of glass would prevent the large pieces from breaking off and falling either onto the roof of the home or inside the home. Safety laminated glass allows plenty of sunlight into a room and gives an owner peace of mind about any breakage that may occur.

Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is known for its high degree of hardness, according to the Department of Energy. But, the design of tempered glass differs from safety laminated glass. For instance, if a heavy branch or several weighty pieces of hail were to hit the skylight, the tempered glass would shatter. This could send small pieces of glass into the surrounding area. These tiny pieces may even end up inside the room below the skylight. To prevent this situation, a homeowner should opt for a skylight with an exterior of tempered glass and an interior of safety laminated glass.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass in a skylight can look attractive in a home, but can also greatly reduce the amount of sunlight that filters into a room. For most people, this defeats the purpose of having a skylight. Furthermore, tinted glass can reduce the amount of heat provided by a skylight. Many homeowners install a skylight to help lower their heating bills during the wintertime. Of course, there are different varieties of tinted glass. Some homeowners choose a skylight with lightly tinted glass that gives them the look they want while allowing plenty of sunlight to enter the room.

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Finally, regardless of the type of glass a homeowner chooses, it’s best to install the skylight in an area where there are very few mature trees. This eliminates the hazard of falling branches that could prompt the need to replace a skylight. Fortunately, the availability of different types of skylight glass allows homeowners the opportunity to get exactly what they envision for their living space.