How Durable are the Materials in Tubular Skylights?

Tubular SkylightOne of the more common questions homeowners ask when looking at skylight options relates to how durable the materials are in tubular skylights. Tubular skylights are unique from other types of skylights because they essentially use a reflective feature in a tube to magnify light from the exterior, according Bob Vila. Many models can generate adequate light to make them the only light source needed throughout the day, and some can even magnify light from the stars and moon at night to further illuminate a room at night. However, before you invest in a new skylight for your home, you understandably want to ensure that the feature will be durable. There are several points to consider to understand how durable the materials are in tubular skylights.

The Components in a Tubular Skylight

A regular skylight essentially is a window that may be made out of glass or other strong, translucent materials that allows light to filter in. Since a tubular skylight has reflective and light-enhancing properties, it has a more complicated design. The components in a tubular skylight include the dome, leak-proof roof flashing, adjustable tubes that reflect the light, a solar-powered dimmer, a ceiling trim ring and a diffuser assembly. The overall durability of the tubular skylights will be based on the durability of each of these components as well as how well they are installed in your home. This can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from installer to installer.

The Importance of Professional Installation

While the quality of the various components in a tubular skylight are important to the durability of the skylight, the installation is also important. The different components must be accurately assembled as well as securely installed in the home in order to keep the property in great shape and to ensure that the window will provide you with many years of uninterrupted use. Reading reviews about the installers before you make your decision about which contractor to use is a vital step to take to ensure that the tubular skylight is professionally installed with the best results.

Look for a Warranty

It can be challenging to determine which of the many models of tubular skylights are most durable. There are numerous types of materials used with each of the components, and many of the manufacturers and retailers will tout their products as being the best. They often will provide supporting reasons for this claim, and it can be difficult for an average homeowner to determine where the truth lies. Because of this, one of the best options to consider when selecting a tubular skylight to install in your home is to look for a warranty, according to ODL. A longer warranty period generally will mean that the manufacturer is confident putting the company’s name behind the product. Some will even provide a lifetime warranty, which enables you to make your purchase with confidence.

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Learning how durable the materials are in tubular skylights is important, but it also can be challenging. There are numerous components in a skylight, and each manufacturer may use different materials for each of the components. Generally, these are designed to be highly durable, but you can improve the durability by looking for a long warranty period and by working with an experienced contractor who will provide you with quality installation service.