How Do You Prevent Energy Loss in a Skylight?

Skylight Energy LossSkylights offer fabulous appeal for property owners, and many homeowners make the decision to upgrade their home with the installation of this feature in select areas of the home. The lights provide the homeowner the opportunity to enjoy natural sunlight streaming from a unique overhead position in the home. However, the position of a skylight also makes it prone to excessive exposure to direct sunlight on the roof of the home. These windows are also prone to developing air leaks. Both can result in energy loss in the home, and homeowners with skylights will want to consider following a few steps to minimize the risk of energy loss.

The Type of Skylight

There are numerous styles of skylights that can be installed in homes, and these vary based on the shade and size of the skylight, the type of glass that is used and the frame that the window is installed in, according to the Department of Energy. If you are selecting a skylight to install in your home, consider using a material for the frame that has insulative properties. Wood is a great choice. In addition, a coated or frosted glass may provide you with the natural sunlight you crave in the room, but it will have enhanced energy efficiency benefits for you to enjoy. While you want to choose a skylight that will enhance your home from an aesthetic standpoint, energy efficiency should also be considered.

A Glaze or Coat

If you already have a skylight installed, you can replace it with a more energy efficient model, or you can make some changes to your existing window. To improve the energy efficiency of an existing window, you can add a glaze, coat or film to the glass. This may block some of the heat and UV rays without limiting the natural sunlight. You can also apply a sealant around the window frame to minimize air leaks. This can be used in conjunction with a coat or a glaze to provide you with the best overall results for energy efficiency.

A Window Shade

A final option to consider that can be used for both new and existing skylights is to invest in a window shade for your skylight. There are some unique and innovative shade that are designed specifically for use with a skylight, and they are run along a track. They may have a remote control feature that allows you to easily adjust the amount of light in the room. This means that you can allow sunlight into the room as desired, but you also can block it or minimize its intensity by adjusting the blinds. You can typically order these online to fit your unique window, and you can have a professional install it for convenience if desired.

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Energy loss through a skylight can be more significant than energy loss through other windows in your home due to their unique location, and you may consider taking a few steps to make this window more energy efficient. These are a few of the more common steps that you can take if you want to continue to enjoy the benefits of a skylight without having to deal with significant energy loss as a result. You can begin learning more about these ideas today, and you can implement them to save money on your energy bills going forward.