How Do You Prevent a Skylight From Leaking?

Prevent Leaking SkylightIt is common to have skylights installed in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, stairways and other areas. These are areas that may not have adequate natural lighting, and a skylight adds the impressive element of light streaming in from an upper elevation. These can be lovely additions to a home that add great aesthetic appeal. However, all windows can develop leaks that allow water and air to penetrate into the home, and this holds true for a skylight as well. Identifying the signs of a leak and repairing the damage as soon as possible is important, but you also should take steps to prevent a leak from developing in the first place. Prevention may eliminate the cost of repairing damage caused by a window leak.

Do You Already Have a Leak?

There are several signs that you may notice if you have a leaky skylight in your roof, according to the website Roofing and Repair. The most obvious one is water pouring in from the skylight during a heavy rainstorm. One that may be more difficult to notice is an air temperature differential near the skylight. Skylights may be located at an elevated height, so this temperature shift can be difficult to feel from the ground level. Nonetheless, these two issues can impact a home in a number of ways. Therefore, if you spot the signs of a leak, you should take steps to repair it as soon as possible.

How a Skylight Leak Can Damage a Home

A skylight leak can be more than an inconvenience, and this problem can cost a homeowner a considerable amount of money. The impact of an air leak through a skylight can result in decreased energy efficiency with the heating and cooling system, and this can inflate your energy costs almost year round. More than that, the issue with a water leak in a skylight can result in wood rot, drywall warping, damaged furnishings, mold growth and other costly issues. If not corrected immediately, the cost of the damage can be high.

How to Prevent Leaks From Developing

According to the San Francisco Gate, the best way to prevent a skylight from leaking is to inspect it regularly. You can inspect it from the interior using a tall ladder, and you should also access it from the roof to look for damage to the seals around the windows. Typically, water and air leaks will develop around the perimeter of the window, and you can easily apply a sealant over visible leaks. Keep in mind that applying new sealant once per year can minimize the risk of a new leak from developing. While you can always repair a leak after it develops, it may be far more cost effective to apply sealant to the window from time to time. Sealant may need to be applied to both the interior and exterior for the best overall result.

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If you are dealing with an existing leak in your skylight or if you are interested in preventing a leak from developing, you should consider working with a contractor to properly seal the skylight from the interior and exterior. The contractor has the skills to repair the leak safely and to complete the work the right way. This may be a minimal expense that ultimately can help you to eliminate the expense associated with repairing damage caused by a leaking skylight.