How Can You Protect a Skylight From Hail and Other Damaging Weather?

SkylightsSevere weather, and the destruction these storms leave in their wake, can be just around the corner for you and your house. Homeowners frequently prepare for these weather events by stocking up on food, securing their backyard, evacuating to higher ground, and even boarding up their windows. However, during this flurry of activity, they often forget to protect a skylight from hail and other damaging weather.

This missed step can be quite the miscalculation. After all, a damaged skylight can leak and shattered glass can let the elements into your home.

Safety First

If you need to protect a skylight from hail and other damaging weather, first you must understand basic safety. Please, always:

  • Avoid standing under a skylight during a storm.
  • Take all safety precautions while inspecting a skylight inside your home or on your roof. Make sure you always wear the appropriate safety gear.
  • Hire a professional when a task is beyond your ability.
  • Ensure that if your skylight is glazed with glass, that tempered or laminated glass was used. That way, if the skylight does break, it won’t break into dangerously large pieces.

Ensure Your Skylight is Properly Installed

Skylights are a great way to open up a home and make it appear brighter. Unfortunately, they are also a great source of leaks when proper installation steps aren’t followed. Before the storm season starts, have your skylight inspected from inside the house and from on top of the roof. This is the only way to check for defects that will only be made worse by severe weather.

Watch for Severe Weather

To put it simply, homeowners cannot prepare for what they don’t know is coming. If you live in an area prone to severe storms, make sure that you’re always aware of when the next big one is likely to hit. That way, you can take the necessary preparations to protect yourself, your home, and your skylight from severe weather.

After the storm has passed, it’s a good idea to check your skylight for any damage. Catching a small problem early, like some broken flashing, can prevent larger problems down the road.

Cover Your Skylight

Just like you cover other items around your house before a storm, you should also cover your skylight. A tarp, blankets, or even a wooden board can go a long way to cushion the blow of hail or high winds. If you find yourself crawling up on your roof frequently to perform this pre-storm ritual, then it might be worth it to replace the skylight with a higher quality one. All skylights aren’t created equal, and some are able to hold up to severe weather better than others, according to the Department of Energy.

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With just a few steps, it really is possible to protect a skylight from hail and other damaging weather. All a homeowner needs to do is ensure their skylight is properly installed, keep an eye out for sever weather, and cover their skylight before a storm arrives.