Do Skylights Leak?

Deck mounted SkylightThere are many benefits associated with having a skylight installed in your home, but you may be wondering if a skylight leak would counter the benefits of this beautiful feature in your home. If you are thinking about installing a skylight, you may be thinking about how wonderful it will be to add natural light to an area that is otherwise rather dark. Some skylights can even ventilate a home and promote improved air quality and circulation. Those who already have a skylight installed may already be enjoying these and other benefits, but some may be concerned about the potential for a skylight leak to develop. All windows can leak, and a skylight is no different.

Why Skylights Leak

Skylights often leak for the same reason other windows in your home may leak, according to This Old House. For example, the area around the window may not be properly insulated or sealed. There may be an issue with the flashing, or the window installation may not have been completed properly. A skylight leak can cause water to penetrate into the home, and it can also impact temperature control, energy efficiency and more. While skylight leaks are rather common, the leaks should be repaired promptly to prevent property damage and other unpleasant effects. In addition, there are steps that you can take to minimize the likelihood of a leak.

What to Do If Your Skylights Leak

If you believe that your skylight is leaking, the first step to take is to contact a repair contractor for assistance. The contractor will inspect the skylight for signs of damage, and determining the cause of the damage is the first step to take to repairing the damage. Something as simply as applying a fresh coat of caulk or sealant around the window may be sufficient. However, there may be more significant repair projects required, such as adding more insulation around the window or re-fitting the window into the roof structure. Replacing the flashing may also be effective in some cases.

How To Prevent a Skylight Leak

While some homeowners will wait until a leak has developed, preventing a skylight leak may also be beneficial. This can prevent the urgent need to schedule skylight repairs as well as the potential for property damage, high energy bills and more. Preventing a skylight leak may be as simple as scheduling a roofing and window inspection annually. In addition, re-sealing the window with a fresh coat of caulk each year is also a smart idea. While this will not prevent all issues, it can drastically reduce issues and can help you to identify problems before they become more significant. If you have a skylight installed in your home, you can set up a regular service plan or mark your calendar to ensure that service is completed in a timely manner.

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A skylight leak is a common problem that homeowners may face if they have a skylight. As with other windows in the home, these can develop air and water leaks that can potentially result in considerable property damage if not repaired. It is a wise idea to understand the common causes of skylight leaks as a first step. Then, monitor your window periodically for signs of developing issues, and ensure that you schedule maintenance service for your windows on an annual basis. By doing so, you can enjoy all of the benefits of a skylight while minimizing the potential downsides.