How Often Should You Replace Window Film?

Window FilmHow often you should replace window film depends largely on the quality and type of window film you have. Window film is popular for both residential and commercial properties for a number of reasons. The film can help reduce the amount of heat that affects the interior of a building, can help guard against extensive amounts of sunlight, and is a cost effective way to improve the overall aesthetic appearance of the property.

What is Window Film Made From?

There are hundreds of different types of window film produced for a variety of purposes. The base material used to make most films is polyester, because companies often need to apply secondary substances during both the manufacture and application of the film itself, and polyester has the ability to accept a variety of substances.

Which components that are added to the window film depend on what the film will be used for. Some of the materials included in the manufacture of window films include various dyes, pigments, ceramics and ultraviolet inhibitors.

Types of Properties That Use Window Film

Various types of properties, both commercial and residential, install window film for different reasons. Window film is more popular among commercial property owners and property management services.

  • Commercial Office Buildings – Commercial office buildings, including both high rise and low rise structures, use window film to help keep the interior of the building cooler during the day.
  • Retail Store Buildings– Retail stores often use window film for the same purpose. Owners like to keep the store at a cooler temperature to make customers happy, and the reduction in UV rays helps maintain store inventory longer.
  • Security Buildings – Window film is also used as a form of security. If there is a potential security risk at a company, window film can help keep the interior of the building secure. These types of films are made from a heavy gauge plastic that can help keep the window intact should a large object make contact.
  • Residential Uses -Homeowners use window film as an affordable way to control the amount of money spent on utility bills every month. During both summer and winter months, the film helps maintain an even temperature within the house itself, allowing the occupants to free themselves from having to use the air conditioner or heater.

How Often You Should Replace Window Film

There are a variety of factors that can help determine how often you should replace window film, according to 3M.

  • Quality of Film – The quality of your film and what materials were used to make it is the biggest factor. High quality films are normally made to last for more than five years and do not fade during a specified warranty period. More affordable window films can fade within a couple of years, but cost 10 to 15 percent less than high quality window film products.
  • Climate – The climate in which the film is installed has a profound impact on how often you should replace the window film. Buildings located in the most extreme hot and cold climates will find that their film will need to be replaced within a few years. If you live in a relatively even climate all year long, your film can last up to 15 years with the proper amount of care, according to Gila.

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How you care for your window film and its primary use will likely be the biggest determining factor of when you should replace it. When cleaning the film, make sure to use basic household cleaning items and avoid any tools that will scratch the film itself. If you intend to use it solely for protection from ultraviolet rays, how often you should replace window film is every five years, because the amount of protection you get is reduced from 99 percent to 70 percent.