How Do You Replace Window Pane Dividers?

Window Pane DividersIf you are a homeowner who is concerned with the beauty of the windows of your home, it is necessary that you know how to replace window pane dividers. This simple decorative addition to a window creates a look of segmented window pieces that add an element of class and interest to existing or new windows. Over time these grilles may become damaged or broken and require replacement or repair. It is important to tackle this task immediately with the help of the following guidelines, tips, and tricks.

Identify Materials

Before you can begin with any repair, it is important that you recognize the materials that you are dealing with. This will allow for you to prepare with the correct tools and necessary materials. For example, you would not want to use aluminum to fix a section of a wood divider. The tree main types of materials that these decorative window additions are made of are vinyl, wood, and aluminum. Each of these different materials has distinct properties and require specific attention when you are learning how to replace window pane dividers.


This material is perhaps the most user friendly type of window pane divider. These strips of vinyl are adhered to the window with Velcro strips and the aid of connecters. The hardest part of installing this type of window divider is measuring the window. Follow these simple steps to repair this type of window bar.

  1. Carefully remove the old divider from the existing window pane. It is best to remove the entire grid of dividers for an easy replacement.
  2. With a firm grip, remove the damaged section or sections of the grille.
  3. Carefully measure the length of replacement vinyl you will need, allowing for the length of divider that will be inserted into the connector piece.
  4. Using a straight edge or box cutter, carefully cut through the vinyl to the desired length for the repair.
  5. Insert the piece into the grid where necessary and attach new Velcro or double-sided tape to the repair piece.
  6. Take this opportunity to wash the window and allow to dry completely. Reposition and replace the grid back onto the window frame and enjoy the view.


When you are working with wood, it is important to know how to replace window pane dividers. It is not as simple as the vinyl application, but it is a project that can be accomplished even by the most novice of diy enthusiasts. According to the San Francisco Gate, follow these simple to understand instructions on replacing broken or missing pieces of your window bars.

  1. Remove the entire grille either by removing the screws or breaking the tape or Velcro seal. Utilize a putty knife if necessary to pry the grid out of the window frame.
  2. Examine the damage to determine if it is repairable. For areas that are cracked or not completely broken, it may be sufficient to use a silicone sealant to adhere the piece into the window frame. Follow this with replacing the screws.
  3. Areas that are completely broken may be replaced depending on the original construction of the sash bar. This will involve removing the broken piece and milling a new replacement from This Old House.
  4. Insert the repair piece or new piece of grid and secure with screws, double sided tape, or Velcro.
  5. If the grid contains many compromised elements, it may be best to install new dividers to avoid future problems with rattling and re-repairs.


Perhaps the most durable of the material options, aluminum makes for a great all weather material for muntins. When a replacement is necessary, follow these crafty tips and suggestions to get the job done quickly and easily.

  1. Remove the old or broken grille with a screwdriver or by releasing the adhering agent.
  2. Use a metal cutting shears to remove the damaged section.
  3. File down any sharp or jagged edges on the window bars.
  4. Measure the amount of material needed to replace the damaged area.
  5. Using a metal adhering glue, attach the new bar to the existing grid.
  6. When the adhesive has dried the grille can be replaced on the window and secured back into place with either screws, Velcro, or double-sided tape.
  7. In the event that the entire grid needs replacing, simply remove the old grille and replace with a new custom divider.
  8. Secure the repaired or replacement divider in the window frame and secure with Velcro, double-sided tape, or window adhesive.

Keeping your home’s windows beautiful requires diligent maintenance and some diy savvy. Use these simple instructions, tips, and tricks to keep your windows looking their best when the glazing bars need attention by having a new custom sash bar that will fit right into the existing space. One way to ensure that you keep the visual interest and the upscale look of class in your home’s appearance is by learning how to replace window pane dividers.

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