How Do You Repair Skylight Motorized Blinds?

Skylight BlindsKnowing how to repair skylight motorized blinds is essential for anyone who loves the convenience of this popular window treatment. Although motorized blinds can be operated manually, using the remote is ideal for hard-to-reach skylights. Properly maintained motorized blinds can last for many years without problems; however, many of the most common issues that may occur with these blinds are fairly minor and only require a little knowledge of basic do-it-yourself repair procedures.

Check the Remote

It may sound silly, but often the simplest answer is the right one. Motorized blinds for skylights require a controller with working batteries to be operated remotely. Take a look at the remote controller, and check to see if any buttons are missing or no longer able to be pressed. Next, try inserting a new set of batteries, even if they were recently replaced. If the blinds still do not work, then it will be time to assess their condition. Those with skylight blinds that are controlled by a wall switch will need to make sure that the circuit breaker is on and that the switch is in working condition instead of replacing batteries.

Look Inside the Top Box

Taking a look at the inside of the motorized box is an easy way to identify what might be jamming the blinds. Begin by taking a look at the owner’s manual to find out the best way to open the mounting hardware. According to Do It Yourself Magazine, it is possible that the information might not be in a person’s owner manual, and it may be necessary to contact the manufacturer to procure a service manual that will contain more detailed information. Once the box has been opened, a visual inspection of the cables, fabric and other components should provide some insight into the actual problem.

Tighten Loose Motor Parts

Blinds often endure heavy use as homeowners open and close them throughout the day to control the amount of light that enters a room. Over time, wear and tear tends to show up in the form of loose motor parts. Start by inspecting each of the parts for obvious damage or corrosion. Pay special attention to the springs and driving tube since these tend to have the most damage. If a part is broken, then replace it promptly. Then, use a screwdriver to tighten any mounting bolts. Finally, give the blinds a test run to see if the repair worked before you replace the motor box. If you determine that the entire motor requires replacement, then you can refer to your service manual for the appropriate procedure to use for your specific motorized blind model.

Reattach Tension Cables

If it is noticed during the inspection that tension cables have come loose from the wheels that attach them to the roller, then get ready for an easy way to repair the motorized skylight. Simply reattach them, and the problem will be solved. However, it is important to note that tension cables that have been damaged must be replaced. Attempting to fuse together cut cables will only lead to further problems in the future.

Fabric Repair and Replacement

Skylight blinds come in a variety of materials from which homeowners can choose to fit their décor and preference for light diffusion. Fabric is one option that can have a powerful decorative impact; however, it does sometimes get stuck or require replacement. To get started on this repair, look at the roller where the fabric is mounted using special clips. Any clips that appear to be damaged or loose may be causing the fabric to get stuck. Replace these, and then make sure to reattach the cables and roller before trying to see if the blinds work properly. If the fabric is ripped, use the same process only remove all of the clips until the material is completely free.

Slat Troubleshooting and Repair

Typically, the slats on skylight motorized blinds rarely need repair because they are high enough to avoid most damaging types of contact. If one does break, just remove the broken slat from the holding clip. Then, slide the replacement slat into place. If the blinds no longer tilt properly, then the problem is most likely the head rail chain. To replace the chain, remove each individual vane until the chain is exposed. The new chain can be installed by completing the procedure in reverse so that the first vane that came off is the last one reinstalled.

When motorized blinds operate correctly, they can be a lifesaver for those with skylights in high ceilings, and they typically require very little maintenance over the course of their life. Now that you know how to repair skylight motorized blinds, you can continue to enjoy your versatile window treatments while knowing that they will open and close smoothly every time.

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