How Do You Repair Shutters?

ShuttersShutters are one of the most practical home improvement investments, but because they protect your windows, they can sometimes end up being damaged, leaving you with a choice between purchasing new ones or starting a new project to repair shutters. Nonetheless, repairing shutters is actually more straight-forward than you might think. If you have the right parts, you can do just about anything in your plan to restore your shutters.

Preparing to Repair Shutters

If you are using traditional plantation shutters on your home, you will have louvers that are attached to the shutter. From time to time, this type of louver will break, causing you to either go out and find a new shutter that matches the entire set of shutters that may have been put on your home two decades ago, or find a way to repair it.

There are several online vendors of shutter repair kits that include staples, louvers, and several other types of hardware. So the best way to start to prepare to repair shutters is to determine what is wrong with them and contact a vendor that sells replacement parts for a reasonable price.

There are also shutter repair specific tools that you will want to have like a needle-nose pliers.

Making Repairs

If your louvers are broken, it is normally because either the staples that hold them in place have been damaged or the louver itself is cracked or broken.

After you order a replacement louver, your first step will be to take the damaged louver off the shutter. Unscrew the shutter from where it is mounted and bring it to a worktable where you can lay it flat.

Take the control rod and manipulate so that all louvers are pointing towards you. Then use a wire cutters to cut the wire holding the damaged louver in place. Once the staple or holder is cut, the damaged louver should be able to be removed without any problems.

You can then take the replacement louver and insert it into the same spot where the damaged louver was. It can then be held in place by either staples or replacement pins that are available from the manufacturer or from the vendor who sold you the replacement louver.

If you have a damaged panel in a wooden shutter that is not a louver, you will probably need to do some work to source the replacement part. If you can not find it online, then you may be able to order it locally through a woodworking shop. Once you have a matching replacement, you can carefully remove the damaged portion of the shutter that is set as a panel. Adding the replacement panel can be tricky because there will not be much of a gap for it to fit into the existing joint.

Finally, if your louvers will not remain in the position that you set them in, it could be because the shutter is failing. Sometimes this happens over time when louvers are heavy wood, according to the Los Angeles Times. Just the same, if they won’t stay up or open, check the panel to verify that there are no cracks and that any tension fasteners on the back side are adjusted properly.

Repair Considerations

The focus for many homeowners with shutter repair is to keep their existing set of shutters that match complete. Because of this, the shutter repair should look like the original, something that it easy to do with broken louvers. When it comes to other types of panel damage to other shutters, some people have found that the replacement part and repair process can actually cost more than it does for someone to order a custom shutter that matches what they have on their house.

Another consideration is that the life of wood shutters in temperate climates is not as long as vinyl or aluminum might be. Repairs should therefore be thought of in context of the maintenance process and how long the entire set of shutters will be kept. If you have a vigorous maintenance program for your shutters, however, they will last a very long time, regardless of what type of climate you are in.

If you do plan to repair shutters that are rotting, one suggestion from Ebay is to use car body filler in order to emulate the look of your shutter.

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Shutters can be one of the most functional and beautiful additions to a traditional home. Keeping a matched set together by committing to repair shutters as you discover problems is a pretty good strategy to keep the uniformity of your home’s design intact.