How Do You Protect Your Windows From a Hurricane?

Hurricane ShuttersHomeowners need to know the best way to protect windows from a hurricane so as to avoid unnecessary financial losses to property and also the cost of rebuilding. A hurricane can be destructive to your home. If a strong storm should hit your house, chances are that much of your precious property investments will go down the drain. All the real estate investments you have built over the years may be destroyed in an instant. The window frames and glasses will not be spared either. In fact, much of the property damage during a hurricane occurs, because the windows and doors remain unprotected.

Install Hurricane Shutters

Installing hurricane shutters is one of the surest ways to ensure that your windows are safe during violent storms. According to the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety, openings in your house can put your property at risk. However, the structural integrity of houses can be significantly enhanced when the right hurricane shutters are put in place. The appropriate protection for house windows will basically include choosing the shutter materials on all windows particularly any openings through which strong winds may enter the house.

Property owners need to understand how hurricane shutters protect windows from destruction in strong storms. Hurricane shutters act as strong barriers and prevent wind pressure from entering the building. The chances of glass breakages are reduced and the wind-driven rains cannot soak the interior of homes.

Fix Windows

Weak windows always leave your house unprotected whenever a hurricane hits your region. Sliding glass windows are also vulnerable, because they may allow a strong wind to easily penetrate the house. The exposure to hurricane damage may be reduced by ensuring that windows are intact. According to House Logic, windows that are in good shape can prevent wind-borne debris from entering the house during storms.

Compromised window will allow water to get into your home. The wind coming through the window openings will eventually create a very high pressure on the home structure. The residents will possibly be hurt by the flying glass. In the end, the wall and roof are destabilized and fall down. Proper safety measures against a hurricane may entail ensuring that windows can always withstand wind strength of 150mph.

Have Hurricane Films Put In Place

A hurricane film is a transparent plastic lining fixed on windows. The hurricane film ordinarily protects residents from ultraviolet sun rays. Installing the peel-and-stick film is yet another best way to protect windows from a hurricane. The hurricane film does not prevent wind from destroying the window panes and glasses, but it can protect residents from the flying glass shards.

Choose High Impact Windows

When the hurricane, strong wind or tornado approaches, ordinary window panes often break easily. High impact windows can withstand the ranging storms much more strongly. The International Hurricane Protection Association  advises homeowners to install high impact windows which are double-glazed glass panes. The high impact windows also have a plastic film between two hardened panes, therefore, do not break easily.

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Window protection against a hurricane may have also have other benefits as well. Besides just focusing on the best way to protect windows from a hurricane, property owners should understand that home premiums are lower for houses with storm protection measures.