How Do You Install Window Tinting?

Installing Window TintWhen you know how to install window tinting on your own, you will be able to save money while also improving your house in a number of ways. Window tinting is often selected by home owners due to its ability to enhance privacy inside the home, minimize the likelihood of a break-in, improve temperature control, improve the look of the house and more. With all of these benefits associated with window tinting, you may see for yourself why this is the right option for you.

Understand the Differences Between the Options

There are more variations between the different colors and darkness levels, and you should also know the difference between the two different types of tints available. For example, a coating tint is usually applied as a spray, and it requires the window glass to be removed for a period of time. An OEM tint is part of the glass itself. This changes the color of the glass at the composition level, and this means that the entire glass will need to be replaced if you choose this option. A final option to consider is a film tint, and this requires you to pre-treat the windows before applying the polymer film to the existing glass. This option generally will require you to replace the film every five or six years.

Clean Your Windows

Most people who want to know how to install window tinting will choose the film option because it is the easiest and most affordable to install on your own. Before you can apply the film tint, you will need to have clean windows to work with. Therefore, the next step is to use a cleaning solution and a window cleaning spray solution. Cleaning the windows well will minimize the change of your film causing unsightly bubbles after being installed. You should scrape away any residue that remains on the exterior of the window with a razor blade.

Measure the Film

After you have thoroughly cleaned all surfaces of the window, you will need to measure the tint film. The tint film is usually purchased in a roll. You can unroll the film on to a flat surface. Then cut the film so that it is approximately one inch longer then the window on all sides of the film. This will help you to ensure that the entire surface of the window is covered with film. You may consider measuring your film several times before making a cut to minimize the chance of making a mistake.

Install the Film

Now that you have cut the tint film, you are ready to actually install it to your window. You will take the length of the material that you have cut from the film roll, and you will place it inside the gasket. Leave a small amount of material hanging off of the lower edge of the window, and work your way up laying the tint film flat as you go. You should press the tint film gently, and correct any mistakes as you work your way up. There is a special skill or technique that you will develop, so you may need to practice this step several times before you get it right.

The Final Steps

The final steps in the application process are easy to do. You will remove the tint film again, and apply the application solution directly to the window. After the application solution has been sprayed onto the window, you will apply the tint film slowly. Begin the application process at the bottom of the window, and work your way upward. You can use a squeegee to smooth out air bubbles that form, and use pressure to ensure a firm grip of the film to the window. Use a towel to gently blot away moisture from the edge of the window film, and apply the material to dry thoroughly.

Tinting your windows is a wonderful idea that can provide you with many benefits ofter time. Now that you know how to install window tinting, these steps will help you to complete your tinting project with less time and with better results.

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