Does a Triple-Glaze Window Offer More Energy Savings than a Double-Glaze Window?

Double-Glaze WindowsIf you are in the process of replacing your windows, one of the major decisions you may be contemplating is if triple-glaze windows offer more energy savings than double-glaze windows. When it comes down to it, triple-glaze windows are more energy efficient and are also quieter; however, these benefits may actually not be enough to offset the upfront cost. As you make the decision for your home, consider the specific benefits and determine if the difference in the two offers enough of a benefit to justify the cost to you.

What Is Triple Glazing?

To put it simply, triple glazing is a window technique that uses three panes of glass rather than the typical one or two. Manufacturers bring triple-glaze windows to the market with the claim that the additional pane decreases noise and increases energy efficiency, which it does. But, is it worth it?

Is Double Glazing Enough?

You are probably already aware that the efficiency of windows is measured using a system known as a “u-value” with which the better score is a lower value. As you consider whether triple-glaze windows offer more energy savings than double-glaze windows, look at it in terms of this value.

Single glazing, or a one pane window, has a u value of five, which is relatively high. Older double-glaze windows offered a u-value of three, but newer double-glaze windows actually have a u-value as low as 1.6. The u-value has significantly decrease, meaning an increase in efficiency, in the last couple of years due to improved methods of double glazing, including optimizing the window space, using low emission coatings, filling the gap with inert gas, and more.

When you consider double-glaze windows compared to walls, the windows’ u-value of 1.6 is still significantly higher than that of a wall at 0.3. Yet, does that variation make the extra investment in triple-glaze windows worth it?

Does It Pay to Triple-Glaze?

The common u-value of modern triple-glaze windows is currently around 0.8, which is a significant improvement on even today’s double glazing. The only problem is that the period it takes to make back the money spent on triple-glaze windows in energy savings is pretty significant. Even just compared to double-glaze windows, the upfront cost of triple glazing is nearly twice that of modern double glazing. And, while the u-value of a triple-glaze window is nearly half that of a double-glaze window, the actual additional energy savings is minimal, according to Home Building.

So, do triple-glaze windows offer more energy savings than double-glaze windows? The answer to this question, yes. Triple-glaze windows do offer more energy savings when compared to double-glaze windows. However, that saving is not particularly significant.

In fact, if you currently have double-glaze windows in your home, it’s probably not worth upgrading to triple-glaze. One thing you should consider, though, is the level of insulation throughout your home. If you have gone into detail insulating the walls, roof, and floor of your home, but don’t invest in the glazing of your windows, you’ll end up with cold spots and condensation issues on your windows. So, when it comes down to selecting the glaze of your windows, you should really consider the standard of insulation elsewhere in your home to ensure that the warm wrapping performs consistently throughout the space. Triple-glaze windows offer more energy savings than double-glaze windows, but the energy savings benefits may not be enough to justify the cost of installation in your home.

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