Do Windows Have Alarm Systems?

Window Alarm SystemProtecting a house from intruders is one of the most important things a home or business owner can do in order to keep his or her family and property safe. Often, an owner will spend hundreds of dollars on locks and alarm systems covering all of the doors to his or her property. If only the doors are protected that leaves would be thieves several other areas of entrance: the windows. Many people don’t even think about windows. Luckily, alarm manufacturers do think about it. Windows actually do have alarm systems.

Contact Sensors and Glass Breakage Detectors

Windows need the same kind of protection that doors do. Contact sensors are used successfully on both doors and windows. These are magnetic contacts that form a circuit that is broken when the window or door is opened, setting off the alarm.

Contact sensors won’t work in every situation. They won’t alarm at all if a thief breaks the window to enter the building. Glass breakage detectors should be combined with contact sensors for complete protection. Glass breakage detectors actually respond to the frequency of sound emitted when glass is broken and will set off an alarm system, according to Enlighten Me.

Wired or Wireless?

There are two main types of alarm systems used today, wired or wireless. Wireless systems are often easier to install and can allow for alarm sensors to be placed in areas that could not be easily wired due to materials used for construction or without marring or damaging property. Wireless systems are more portable than wired systems, and can be carried from residence to residence. This is the easiest way to make sure all windows on the property are protected.

Wired systems have the advantage of being more reliable. The wiring allows them to be in constant contact with the entire alarm system and cannot be interfered with by other radio signals. The consumer needs to determine the right choice for him or her.

Can This Be a Do It Yourself Project?

Window alarms can be included as part of an alarm company package, or can be added later as extra protection. Because of the giant leaps made with wireless technology in the last few years, many affordable and reliable window and door alarms are marketed as do it yourself and can be easily installed by the homeowner or resident in less than an hour. The advantages of this kind of system are cost and ease of use.

A company installed home security system is another option. Often, in order in ensure safety, the alarm is connected directly to the alarm company, so if it goes off, the alarm company contacts the police or fire department for the customer, even if he or she is not at home. With this type of system, there is the initial installation fee, and the customer usually pays a monthly fee for the alarm company notification. Consumer Reports has some good tips on choosing a reliable alarm company.

Window Alarms Increase Security

Window alarms are an important aspect of home or business security. Combined with other systems or security measures, window alarm systems are an excellent theft deterrent and offer extra peace of mind for property owners.

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