Can You Paint a Vinyl Window?

Vinyl WindowCould you paint a vinyl window if you wanted to? The answer to that question is yes, but you will want to do some basic research before you begin your project. This is because not all paints are meant for use on vinyl surfaces. Additionally, you may want to check with the manufacturer prior to beginning the painting process.

What Can the Window Manufacturer Tell You?

The window manufacturer will be able to tell you if you are voiding your warranty by painting them. In some cases, the paint will cause vinyl to absorb more heat, which could cause the material to expand and contract even more than usual. This could lead to a situation where the window no longer fits in its frame and allows air to get through. If you are more concerned with the warranty than the color of the window, it may be best to hold off on such a project.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Primer?

Primarily, you want to look for a primer that is safe to use on vinyl surfaces. The reason why you use a primer is to give the paint a smooth and even surface to bond to. Before putting on the primer, make sure that the windows have been scraped of any warped or rotted material to ensure that the primer bonds to the vinyl properly. In some cases, the entire window may need to be sanded as vinyl does tend to repel paint in liquid form. Vinyl window primer will come in spray form, which may make it easier to apply without as much prep work.

What Should You Look for When Choosing a Paint?

Just like your primer, you want your paint to be safe for use on a vinyl surface. The color of the paint will be determined partially by your own preferences and partially based on the colors surrounding the window. If the window frame and surrounding walls are are white or another light color, you should avoid dark colors. Windows that have dark colors such as dark green or brown should not be painted. Instead, it may be best that they are replaced entirely. If it is alright to paint the windows, neutral colors such as beige or brown are the best to go with.

Make Sure to Keep Other Surfaces Clean

As with any other painting job, it is important to keep all other surfaces clean and free from paint. This can be done by using thick drop cloths that can be placed on the sidewalk or any grassy surfaces outdoors. You can protect the glass surrounding the window frame with painter’s tape, according to the San Francisco Gate. Painter’s tape is preferable compared to masking tape as it comes off easier and cleaner, which means that there are no streaks or marks to contend with.

If you want to paint your vinyl windows, you should consider whether it is worth the time and effort. In the event that replacing the windows aren’t an option or you don’t mind potentially voiding the warranty, they can be painted to give them a fresh new look. For those who aren’t handy or don’t want to do the painting, a professional may be called in to paint a vinyl window.

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