What Type of Siding is Weather Resistant?

Weather Resistant SidingMany homeowners who are preparing to replace the exterior surface of their home are researching the type of siding that is weather resistant. Siding generally is known for being one of the most affordable exterior materials to use on a home, but there are different types of siding to choose from. The effects of wind, rain, temperature fluctuations and more can result in incredible damage to siding over time. This can decrease curb appeal and property value as well as increase repair and maintenance costs over time, according to Best Pick Reports. When you are searching for the best type of siding to install on your home, consider these options.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding has improved dramatically in recent years. It has always been highly weather resistant and durable, but it often was not a preferred option among homeowners, because of the rather cheap or lower end look that it had in comparison to other options on the market. In addition, there were a lack of color and style options. This has changed, and vinyl siding is now far more attractive with an incredible number of color and style options available. This is coupled with affordability and incredible weather resistance to make it one of the top choices that you should consider when you are updating the exterior material on your home. An upgraded alternative to vinyl siding is insulated siding. This is typically vinyl siding with an added layer of insulation, and this insulation makes it even more weather resistant.

Fiber Cement Siding

Another popular weather resistant type of siding is fiber cement siding. This has long been a popular option due to how attractive the options are. It is incredibly weather resistant and hardy to the elements. The material can be painted, which makes it a preferred option for homeowners who do not want to be locked into a single color for decades. Vinyl siding, for example, cannot be painted. Fiber cement siding has low maintenance requirements, but the downside is that it is typically more expensive to install than vinyl siding.

Engineered Wood Siding

Many homeowners are drawn to wood siding because of how amazing the material can look on a home, and this is considered to be an upgraded type of siding. It is generally not as weather resistant as the other options, and it is more susceptible to water penetration and related issues, such as rotting and pest infestation. Nonetheless, it does come with a lengthy warranty, and some brands have a warranty period as long as 50 years. The material typically will need to be stained and sealed every couple of years in order to minimize the chance of issues related to wood rot and other weather-related damage. When these maintenance steps are taken, the material can indeed be fairly weather resistant.

All homeowners want to take great care of their property, and the fact is that the type of materials that you choose to use on your home’s exterior will play a critical role in maintenance requirements and your ability to keep up your home with ease. There are many material options to consider, but siding is a popular option that is generally affordable and weather resistant. By researching the type of siding that is weather resistant, you will be able to make a better decision about the exterior material that is used for your home.

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