What is the Cost of Stone Veneer Siding?

Stone Veneer SidingYou may have heard that stone veneer is a more affordable yet completely stylish alternative to a true all-natural stone exterior, and you may be curious what the cost of stone veneer siding would be for your home. There are numerous factors that each will play a part in the final cost of a siding replacement project for your home, according to HomeWyse. By focusing more on each of the components of a quote, you can better estimate how much your project will cost.

The Type of Stone Veneer Selected

One of the most significant factors that will impact the cost of your project relates to the type of stone veneer that you select for your home exterior project. There are lower end materials as well as mid-grade and higher-end materials that you can choose to use. Each will have a different overall cost per square foot. Keep in mind that the more space that you have to cover on your home’s exterior, the greater the impact of the cost differential between the lower end and the higher end materials will be.

The Square Footage of the Space

The amount of space that you need to cover with your stone veneer siding will also impact the cost of your project. You can estimate the size of your space by taking some measurements yourself, but you will have a more accurate idea of the space and the amount of materials needed to cover that space when you work with a contractor to get a quote. Keep in mind that factors related to the numbers of windows, doors and edges of the home will impact how efficiently the material can be used as well as how much labor will cost to cut the stone siding to the right size. With this in mind, you can see that there is more involved to measuring the space than simply using a tape measure to calculate dimensions.

The Cost of Supplies, Materials and Equipment

Stone veneer siding will need to be installed on the home with various other materials, and the cost of these supplies must be calculated into the cost of the project. This is typically a smaller portion of the total project cost, but it can be significant if the size of the project is large. This may include polishing materials, fasteners, adhesives and other related items. The cost of equipment to cut the siding and to install it should also be considered.

The Cost of Labor

Labor is one of the largest components of the cost of a project. Labor can vary based on location as well as the skill required by the contractor. Some projects are more straightforward and simple than others, and some companies may charge a higher rate per hour or per square foot for labor based on the scope of the project.

If you are interested in updating your home’s exterior or if you are working on a new construction project, you may be focused on finding a material that will look great and that is affordable for your budget. Stone veneer is a popular option because it gives you the look of real stone without the high cost related to real stone installation. You can more easily determine the trust cost of stone veneer siding installation for your upcoming project when you request a customized quote from a skilled contractor.

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