What is the Cost of Fiberglass Siding?

Fiberglass SidingPeople who are thinking about getting siding for their home may wonder about the cost of fiberglass siding. A homeowner may know a little about the appearance of fiberglass siding, but doesn’t have any idea about the costs involved in getting it according to House Design. Take a look at some information that reveals the cost of fiberglass siding as well as some of the advantages and disadvantages of going with this option.

The Cost of Fiberglass Siding

A homeowner who is comparing prices of siding will see that the cost of fiberglass siding is usually higher than the price of vinyl, aluminum and other varieties. In fact, the cost of fiberglass siding can be up to 20 percent higher than other types of material. This is because there are more steps involved in its manufacturing process. First, glass fibers are pushed throughout a thick layer of plastic. These fibers are the main source of strength for the siding. Next, the layer of fiberglass/plastic is given a particular shape and texture. Fiberglass siding can have the appearance of wood and is available in a small collection of colors.

The Advantages of Fiberglass Siding

Many homeowners choose fiberglass siding for their home, because of its durability. The glass fibers in the construction of this siding give it an extra element of strength that other types of siding don’t possess. Also, the cohesive nature of the glass fibers keep the siding from sagging over time. Fiberglass siding can endure constant sunlight, rainstorms, snow, ice and hail. Furthermore, this siding maintains its visual appeal while offering full protection to a home. The glass fibers in this siding don’t expand under the rays of the sun. This prevents the siding from cracking, breaking and chipping. Some homeowners get fiberglass siding because they appreciate its seamless, even appearance.

The Disadvantages of Fiberglass Siding

One of the main disadvantages of fiberglass siding is its high cost. The materials used to make this siding account for one part of that cost. Another reason for the cost is that it needs to be installed by professionals with special skills. In short, this siding needs to be installed correctly in order to accomplish its job of protecting a home. In addition, though it is available in a few different colors, many homeowners like to have more color choices to choose from. They may not be able to find a color of fiberglass siding that complements or matches their shutters, doors and other elements of their home’s exterior. Plus, there are a limited number of companies that offer fiberglass siding. This can make it difficult or costly to place an order and have the siding installed on a home.

Finally, if a homeowner wants siding that has a high level of durability and doesn’t mind paying for this feature, then fiberglass siding may be the perfect option. Some homeowners are focused on getting a durable product and are willing to pay the cost of fiberglass siding.

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