What is the Best Siding for New Construction?

New Construction SidingWhen you are planning on building a new home, there are a lot of decisions to be made about how both the interior and exterior are going to look. Since you are already investing a substantial amount of time and money in your new structure, it is a smart idea to use the best siding for new construction from the beginning.

What Kind of Siding Is Right for Your New Home?

Selecting the right type of siding for you new home will be dependant on a few different factors. The most important factor is how you want the outside of your home to look. If you want your new home to have a classic look and feel to it, siding made of wood gives your home a traditional styling. You should keep in mind that wood siding does need quite a bit of maintenance over the years. In addition to maintenance, it could be susceptible to rot, insects and mildew if it is being used in a place where there is high humidity. In many cases, it is more logical to use a more durable and long-lasting material to side your new home. Examples of this include vinyl and metal siding, and brick and stone veneers. These types of best siding for new construction are cost-effective and require less maintenance over the lifetime of your home.

Vinyl and Metal Siding Adds Value

One of the measurable benefits of choosing a long-lasting and durable vinyl or metal siding is that they instantly add more value to your home, according to House Logic. Recent advancements in siding technology have made it so consumers can choose from vinyl siding that mimics the look of real wood, without the worries of rotting, insects and the cost of using real wood siding. Vinyl and metal siding both provide excellent protection against weather conditions like wind, snow, rain and heat. Homes that use the best siding for new construction can expect to pay less on heating and cooling bills. The higher quality of insulated siding stops the elements from penetrating your home, so the heat or air conditioning does not escape to the outdoors. Vinyl and metal siding is available in a variety of colors including white, slate gray, light gray, light blue, greens, tan, brown, yellows and many others. In addition to selecting the primary color of siding for your new home, you will also have the opportunity to pick a trim color to compliment your overall design. Many companies that sell or install vinyl and metal siding have apps that give clients the chance to virtually “try on” the siding they are thinking about buying before committing to the purchase, according to CertainTeed. This is a great way to pick the colors you like best before installing the siding on your home. With so many color combinations available, you are certain to find the medley that suits your tastes.

Pick the Right Siding for Your New Construction Project

Building a new home is a lot of fun. You get to pick exactly how you want your house to be designed on both the inside and out. When you choose the best siding for new construction you can be sure that your home will look fabulous and have the exterior protection it needs to keep you and your loved ones safe and warm in all-weather conditions. It is well worth the investment, because, in most cases, your siding will be guaranteed for years after it was installed, which saves you money over time.

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