What is Stone Veneer Siding?

Stone Veneer SidingStone veneer siding is cement blocking that is created to look like real stone. It can be affixed to interior and exterior surfaces to give the illusion of a stone wall inside or outside a house. It is generally made with stone-shaped molds and wet cement. Stone veneer siding is a cost-effective way to make any wall look like it was made with real stone.


Since stone veneer siding is made with cement, it is more cost-effective than real stone walls. This siding is weather resistant and can withstand many climates, so it is ideal for most exteriors and interiors. It can also be installed very quickly and most homeowners can install this siding without the assistance of a professional.


Stone veneer siding can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. It can be affixed to the side of the house or a porch to give the illusion of stone, or it can be affixed to interior walls to give rooms a rustic look. It can even be attached to fireplaces to dress up a mantle without disturbing the structural integrity of the fireplace.


Homeowners can install their own stone veneer siding very quickly and inexpensively. The first step to installing stone veneer siding is to create a moister barrier between the siding and the surface it will be affixed to, according to Do It Yourself Network. Roof felt or house wrap should be applied to the surface over a metal lath. This will ensure weather conditions do not affect the siding. After the moisture barrier has been created, the stone veneer can be applied with a thin layer of masonry. The gaps in the stones can then be filled in with additional masonry.

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Rustic and easy to install, stone veneer siding can add dimension and texture to the inside or outside of any house.