What is Kickout Flashing?

kickout flashingFlashing generally is a material that is used with home construction to prevent water and moisture from damaging a home, and kickout flashing is just one of several types that are commonly used. While kickout flashing is only one of the many important types of flashing used with home construction, it is among the most important for a number of reasons. With a closer look at what this type of flashing does and the type of damage that it can prevent, you will see why you want to take a closer look at your home’s flashing today, according to Structure Tech.

What Does This Flashing Do?

Kickout flashing is a unique type of flashing that is appropriately named, because it is designed to be bent out so that water can be channeled away from the side of the home. Typically, it is used in conjunction with other types of siding, such as step flashing and drip flashing. Because kickout flashing is bent away from the home, it often channels the flow of water during a rainstorm downward into the gutter system or otherwise simply away from the side of the home if gutters are not installed.

What Type of Damage Does It Prevent?

When rainwater regularly runs down the side of a home, it can cause significant water damage. This can include wood rot, mold growth and more. Kickout flashing creates a waterproof barrier that keeps the siding or other exterior home materials dry. It also bends outward to ensure that water does not drip downward across the entire vertical length of the home. Significant property damage can develop over a short period of time when rainwater regularly runs down the side of a home. If you do not have kickout flashing installed or if your flashing is not in good shape, you should request an appointment with a flashing or roofing contractor.

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