What is Flashing Paper for a House?

window flashingFlashing paper is an incredibly important component in waterproofing your home. Water damage and moisture-related rot are some of the most common causes behind structural damage to a house. According to the EPA, stray water can rot walls, grow mold and even damage insulation. Properly applied, flashing paper helps reduce rot and water damage and keeps your house safe and structurally sound.

Layers of Insulation

The exterior walls of a modern house are surrounded by a layer of waterproof wrapping called cladding that is made of wood, cement or vinyl. The cladding keeps most moisture outside of your home, but the little bit that gets through is blocked off from the interior by the drainage plane: either house-wrap, rigid insulation or weather resistance sheathing. Together with the cladding, these materials protect the walls of your house from most of the moisture from the outside world. However, windows and doors need to be installed in openings that are not protected by either the cladding or the drainage plane. That is where flashing paper comes in.

Protecting Doors and Windows

Flashing paper is applied around the edges of the door or window opening over the connection with the surrounding wall, as well as joined with the drainage plane. By covering the connections with overlapping layers of flashing paper and connecting them with the interior drainage plane, the window or door opening becomes integrated into the waterproofing structure of your home.

Special Considerations

There are several important considerations when applying flashing paper during your window or door installation. It is important to consider are the materials composing the door or window being installed and your drainage plane, as some flashing paper works better with certain materials but not others. Another consideration is proper layering of the flashing paper to ensure that it remains waterproof, according to Boardwalk Builders.

Final Words

It is very important to maintain good insulation and waterproofing in your home. Flashing paper plays a very important role in keeping moisture out and your home safe.

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