What is Cedar Siding?

Cedar SidingCedar siding is one of many choices you have when it comes to covering your home. You could also choose vinyl, brick, fiber cement, or aluminum. All siding types have pros and cons. Here is a closer look at the benefits of cedar siding.

Aesthetic Appeal

Cedar siding is made from natural red or white cedar. It will give your home a rustic and beautiful look. The siding also gives off a slight woodsy smell. Other sidings have been designed to mimic the look of wood, and some do an excellent job, but none of them provide the imperfect beauty of wood and that woodsy smell, according to the Northeast Remolding Group.


All siding requires some kind of maintenance with some needing more than others. Cedar sits somewhere in the middle when it comes to maintenance needs. Luckily, cedar is naturally resistant to pests. It is a sturdy wood that won’t decay quickly, is less likely to warp, and is resistant to moisture. That means you don’t have to do much to keep it looking nice other than cleaning it. You do have to repaint and reseal cedar siding every few years, because the paint fades.


Cedar works as natural insulation for your home. It stops heat from leaving. Other sidings don’t prevent heat loss. Instead, the heat moves through the siding and outside where you don’t want it. Since cedar siding natural keeps your home warmer, you save on heating costs in the long run. The money you save on heating costs will cover the cost of the siding and make it pay for itself. On top of that, cedar siding is one of the lower costs sidings on the market. It costs a little more than vinyl, but the money you save on heating costs more than makes up for the few extra dollars.

While other sidings have their own benefits, these are the best benefits of choosing cedar siding for your home.

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