What is Aluminum Siding?

Aluminum SidingAluminum siding is a type of exterior siding that emerged in Post-War America, as metal was no longer needed in such high quantities to produce weaponry. It’s greatest advantages over the majority’s choice of vinyl siding is its durability and insulation. It’s metal composition makes it capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions, and homeowners with aluminum siding have the assurance of a fire proof exterior, as well as the comfort of not having to worry about water damage, wood rot, or the like, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

Although it can occasionally dent or be scratched, aluminum siding requires minimal maintenance. It’s tough and capable of withstanding a variety of different climates and environmental changes. The only real maintenance required comes when the aluminum is painted, as the enamel fades over time and therefore needs to be redone over a period of years. A white house will begin to appear a dull gray, and more vibrant colors will fade more quickly, which will require a new coat to be applied. It’s also possible, however, to apply an additional protective top coat from the beginning so as to prolong the duration of the paint.

Aluminum siding is extremely durable and also versatile in the fact that, unlike vinyl siding, it can be painted and have its color changed. However, it doesn’t have the same modern appearance of vinyl siding, so it’s not fit for a person who doesn’t appreciate an old-fashioned style home.

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Overall, aluminum siding is a durable choice of exterior siding that can keep your home protected, insulated, and secure for years to come.