What is a Siding Seam?

Siding SeamsMany homeowners will choose to replace their home’s siding at some point, and there may be a concern about the presence of a siding seam during the replacement process. Typically, a replacement project is planned due to the general decomposition of the siding material, but there may be instances when a siding replacement project is desired for aesthetic purposes. Regardless of the reason you choose to replace your siding, you may watch your contractors install the siding and notice siding seams.

What Are Siding Seams?

All types of siding is installed with slats or panels. When the slats or panels join together, there typically are siding seams, according to Family Handyman. The seams are often visible to the naked eye upon close inspection. However, there may be instances when you can see the seams when standing a farther distance away from the home. Some homeowners believe that siding seams can be rather unsightly, and you may be wondering what you can do about them.

What You Can Do About Siding Seams

Typically, a siding seam will be rather narrow in size. With professional installation from a skilled contractor, the seams will be barely noticeable unless you stand close to the house. Furthermore, a knowledgeable contractor may also take steps to conceal the seams. The techniques used to conceal seams may vary based on the type of siding that you install. For example, caulk and paint may be used when applying some types of siding, but this is not a suitable technique for others. If you are concerned about the seams on your home, you may speak with your contractor about your concerns.

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Siding seams are normal, and it is not feasible to connect slats or panels without seams. However, there are steps that can be taken to minimize their appearance so that your home has a beautiful exterior.