What Considerations Should You Make When Painting a House?

Painting a HouseAs any good homeowner should know, there are many good reasons to paint your house, especially the exterior. Not only can this add a small layer of protection to your home from the elements, but it can also give it that brand new look, restoring your residence to its former glory. However, there are often a whole list of things that must be accomplished beforehand. Regardless of whether you are planning to paint your house by yourself or with a few friends, or if you want to hire some professionals to do it for you, there are several things to consider. Along with the initial preparations, you should also remember to think deeply about what colors you want to use.

How to Prepare

To most people, doing the prep work before actually painting can be the most painstaking and least enjoyable part of the whole process. Believe it or not, though, it is also arguably the most important step. Unfortunately, it is often the case that your house may have small areas of damage, because of various wildlife activity. If there are holes in the wood from termites or birds, you will have to fill those in. If the windowsills or other appliances have begun to deteriorate, it is always a good idea to repair them. In some cases, you may even have to replace them entirely. Finally, sanding the surface of your houses’ exterior is very important. Without this done, it would be much harder to paint, and it would likely end up looking unprofessional.

Choosing the Colors

Although it may seem a bit trivial, choosing the color of paint that you are going to apply to your house is actually a serious matter. After all, using the same color as before would allow you to save time, expenses and materials. On the other hand, though, using an entirely different color would be sure to your neighbors’ draw eyes, and it would give your home an exciting, new feeling. However, it also requires extra priming, and as stated before, it is more costly in multiple areas than going with the same color.

Generally, it is a good idea to try to make the coloring of your residence’s exterior coincide with your surroundings. When choosing the color of your paint, you might consider making it match with the trees, your roofing, and other things that are nearby. Also, making your home look too similar to all the other houses on the block usually is usually the opposite of appealing.

Not only that, but the shade of your home can effect how hot or cold it is inside. Dark colors soak in sun rays, so they are probably better for colder locations. Conversely, light colors reflect heat, so they are more likely better suited for hotter areas, according to the Minnesota Realtors Association.

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Before painting your house, there are always some important factors to consider. Among other issues, choosing the color that fits best and deciding on how to prepare beforehand are some of the most important.