How Weather-Resistant is Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl SidingIndividuals who are thinking about getting siding for their home may be wondering how weather-resistant vinyl siding is. Most people want siding that looks attractive and protects their home from all types of weather conditions. They want siding that doesn’t fade or take on a worn out look. Some owners may have heard about the durability of vinyl siding, but want to know more about it before making their final decision. Check out some facts about the weather resistance of vinyl siding.

How Weather Resistant is Vinyl Siding?

Most vinyl siding is made with a material called PVC. This is heavy duty plastic that provides a high level of protection to a home. Quality vinyl siding can withstand heavy thunderstorms with blowing rain, snowstorms, ice and intense sunlight. Vinyl siding made with top quality materials can even withstand hail that sometimes falls during a thunderstorm. Vinyl siding is an ideal choice for owners who want protection for their home that requires very little maintenance. This is an especially good option if a homeowner lives in an area that deals with extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and a lot of snow.

Factors That Affect the Condition of Vinyl Siding

Though vinyl siding is low maintenance and withstands harsh weather conditions, there are factors that affect its appearance. For instance, if the vinyl siding is made with low quality materials, it will not last as long as siding made with PVC. Cracking or brittle areas are a telltale sign of low quality siding. Another factor that affects the condition of vinyl siding is its location on the house. If one end of a home receives full sunlight for most of the day, the siding on that particular end will show more wear than the siding on the opposite end. Age is another factor when it comes to vinyl siding. Not surprisingly, vinyl siding that has been on a home for forty years will not look as good as vinyl siding that has been on a home for only five or ten years. Vinyl siding must be installed properly in order to do the job of protecting a home from the elements while maintaining an attractive appearance. Gaps or loose pieces can lead to mold growth and breakage that reduces the overall effectiveness of the siding.

Vinyl Siding Maintenance

Vinyl siding does need a little bit of maintenance to keep it looking bright. An owner should clean the siding with a household soap to remove accumulated dirt and dust, according to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln. Also, cleaning the vinyl siding on a regular basis keeps mildew and mold from forming. Most owners use a scrub brush with soft bristles to help remove any accumulated dirt that is detracting from the appearance of the home.

Finally, vinyl siding is available in a variety of styles which makes it an appealing choice for homeowners who have a preference for the appearance of their home. Plus, homeowners are all the more excited about this option when they discover how weather-resistant vinyl siding is.

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