How Do You Protect Your Siding From a Hurricane?

Protecting siding from hurricanesHurricanes in the United States have worsened over the past few years, and understanding the best way to protect siding from a hurricane is more important now than ever before. Protect your siding with a few tips from the pros.

Hurricane Shutters

Though hurricane shutters are usually installed to protect windows and glass in a home, they can also help to protect other parts of the home including the siding. Hurricane shutters are metal shutters that are generally rolled up and tucked away inside the overhang of the roof in fair weather, according to This Old House. When a hurricane is on its way, the shutters can be rolled down at the push of a button. They can protect delicate parts of the home, including windows, siding, patio furniture and other items left outside during the storm. While their main function is to protect the home against rain and wind, they can also protect it from objects that have taken flight and thrown into the home in high winds.

Keep Siding Updated

Making sure your siding is in good condition before a storm can help save both your siding and the wood and materials underneath your siding in the long run. A month before hurricane season, check the siding around your home to ensure there are no cracks, crevasses or other flaws in the siding. Remove any faulty siding and replace it with new siding, making sure the seals are tight and water cannot penetrate the area. If your siding is replaced before the storm, there’s a better chance your home will not be affected by the wind and rain; if faulty siding is not replaced, it can be torn from the house and damage siding that has no damage.

Choose Weather Resistant Siding

If you own a commercial building or a building close to the water, you might want to consider a weather resistant siding that can help protect your home from high winds and corrosive water. Wood siding, while popular in older homes, does not protect the home against the elements. Vinyl siding, which much better than wood, can crack or tear from the home in high winds. The best type of siding for a home in the path of a hurricane is fiber cement siding, which is much more durable than wood, vinyl and even aluminum siding. Made of both sand and cement, fiber cement siding is not only water proof, it is also fire proof, ensuring that any fires that result in the hurricane do not penetrate the home. While fire is not a common fear in a hurricane, many people may remember the fires that were ignited in the Bronx during Hurricane Sandy.

Hurricane Protection Nets

While not as convenient nor effective as weather resistant siding or hurricane shutters, hurricane protection nets can add a layer of safety onto a home, according to Lansing Building Products. A net that encompasses the home, hurricane nets are a temporary solution to protect the home without changing the structural integrity of the building.

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Since your siding is essentially a shell that protects the interior and exterior of your home, it’s important to ensure it will last during a hurricane. Understanding the best way to protect siding in a hurricane will help keep you and your family safe in any kind of weather.