Where are Roller Doors Used?

Roller DoorFor today’s savvy home decorators, one highly creative and unique way to separate rooms or hide storage space is to design a stylish solution where roller doors are used. Not only does this create over-the-top charm and style, it’s very practical and useful as well.

Hanging an attractive door on a track is a great alternative to ripping open and reframing the wall in order to accommodate a pocket door. The number of things you can actually use for a door are limitless, such as using a distinctive DIY creation using common cedar and pallet wood. If you’re really handy and have a few carpentry skills up your sleeve, you can build your own doors from repurposed wood, which is a very smart and eco-friendly idea.

Decide which specific design will work best for your needs and just get started. Another fun and creative aspect is selecting the hardware for your roller door. Make sure it complements the other elements in the room and stays consistent with your overall décor and style.

The different ways you can use a door and where roller doors are used are virtually endless. Here are just a few ideas to inspire you in order to get your creative juices flowing.

Make your Bedroom Special

Add a touch of whimsy and character to your bedroom by forgoing a traditional door. Everyone will be amazed at your unique idea and you’ll like the fact that it’s the kind of door that’s impossible to slam. In a bedroom, that’s a win-win situation.

Create an Open Concept Solution For a Room Divider

Although open concept floor plans are very popular, they can lack privacy for those special conversations or intimate moments. Maybe you just want the option to keep people out of your hair while you’re cooking dinner? No matter what the reason, hanging a beautiful door on rollers along a natural soffit between two open spaces is a great solution to temporary privacy, according to Houzz.

Hide Your TV and Electronics in Style

Are you tired of your TV being the focal point of your living room? Want a better solution that looks great and also functions? Incorporate a short rolling door over your TV so you don’t have to look at a blank screen while it’s off. This is a very popular idea for people who have a TV installed over their fireplace and want to make it disappear during quiet conversation time.

Add Panache to Your Bathroom or Laundry Room

As long as you don’t forget the necessary hardware it takes to lock it, stylish rolling doors are the perfect accessory to a creative bathroom. Also, do you have one of those tight, hallway laundry spaces that people just want to ignore? Hang a rolling door over your washer and dryer area in order to keep them out of sight while adding a bit of interest and flair to your otherwise boring hallway.

Make Your Closet Doors More Functional with High Style

Because many closets already have some kind of sliding door mechanism, changing them out for a roller door is relatively easy. Not only will it give the room a different flavor, it’s potentially more convenient as well.

Try any one of these ideas and get creative as you like. You can hang artwork on your roller door or even turn the door itself into a piece of art by painting an interesting mural on it. Overall, there’s no limit to where roller doors are used in virtually any homes or even businesses.

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