What Types of Wood Are Doors Made from?

Wooden DoorsThe types of wood that doors are made from are various in their color, strength, density and hardness. There are literally hundreds of different woods that are used in door making. Several of these woods include Redwood, Douglas Fir, Maple, Poplar, Pine and Oak. Each type of wood has its own sub species as well.


Redwood trees are among the tallest tress in the world. However, the wood that they produce is of remarkable quality. Redwood has an incredible ability to resist shrinkage, warping and other aging characteristics, making it one of the best types of wood doors are made from. The wood absorbs furnishes and coatings extremely well, giving it an exceptional look. Simply put, a door made of Redwood will still look brand new 20 years down the road. Obviously, this wood has a strong red color to it.

Douglas Fir

Douglas Fir is another great wood for door making because it’s fairly decay resistant, easy to work with and relatively strong for its light weight. Depending on the location of the tree, this wood is usually light brown with hints of red and yellow in certain trees.


Maple wood ranges from a nearly white to an off-white cream color. Although it has poor resistance to insect attacks, it’s notorious for having great strength. Generally speaking, the soft wood version of maple is considerably weaker yet easier to work with compared to its hardwood counterpart. Maple wood’s grain texture can be anywhere from straight to wavy patterned. Despite its strength, it’s not commonly used in doors, due to it being hard to work with.

Poplar Wood

Ranging from a light cream to yellowish brown color with infrequent streaks of grey, poplar wood is moderately durable yet somewhat sustainable to insect and rot attack, according to the American Hardwood Information Center. However, this wood is exceptionally easy to work with. Therefore, it’s one of the common types of woods that doors are made from. Most of all, this door material is lightweight, making it even more useful for door making.

Pine Wood

Hands down, pine wood is one of the most widely used types of woods used in door making. Although pine doesn’t win out in strength, it’s incredibly easy to work with, fairly rot resistant, light weight and widely available in nature, therefore cheap. It’s important to note that there are many different species of pine, ranging from hard to soft woods. However, the softwood version of pine is most commonly found in doors.

Oak Wood

Like Redwood, oak wood is very durable as far as strength and rot resistance goes. In fact, oak wood is commonly used in boats. Therefore, it makes one of the strongest, most resistant doors on today’s market. The color itself is generally a light brown. The only main downside to this wood is that it’s relatively heavy. Despite its high density and strength, it’s surprisingly easy to work with.

Some species of wood have even better qualities than the ones mentioned above. The type of wood that’s used in a door depends on a person’s needs, budget and taste. However, the six species mentioned above are the most common types of wood doors are made from.

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