What Materials Are Wood Panel Doors Made From?

Wood Panel DoorIf you are planning home renovations, you may be interested in learning what materials wood panel doors are made from. The installation of new windows and doors can be a very good way to add both beauty and energy efficiency to your home, and wood panel doors have the advantage of being both attractive and durable. How such doors are constructed will likely vary depending on where you want the door placed.

Interior and Exterior Doors

You can have wood paneled doors both inside and outside your home. It makes good sense that exterior doors need to be able to withstand much more than interior doors. An exterior door provides security and also warmth, so it’s typically going to be heavier than an interior door. Thinner interior doors are often made of one material while heavier exterior doors can be made of multiple things, such as a combination of metal and wood. Exterior doors are often solid through and through while interior doors may vary in that regard depending on their price, according to the San Francisco Gate. Some interior doors may be built with a structural lightness or with a kind of wood fiber that is less expensive than solid wood. Both types of doors can have a veneer of wood paneling on the outside, though the wood veneer on an exterior door is once again likely to be more thick.

Many Types of Wood

Whether you are putting in an exterior or interior door, the kind of wood paneling you choose can vary widely. Much of this is an aesthetic choice. Companies that specialize in doors may offer a large spectrum of wood species for you to choose from. These will vary in color, hardness, and grain. A red oak panel, for instance, has a beautiful open grain, while a knotty pine is going to be much lighter in hue and have noticeably dark knots. You can find wood paneling of some species, like alder, in both clear and knotty types. Cedar, poplar, hickory, birch, bamboo, ash and maple are some of the other woods you might choose for your paneling. What type of wood you choose may depend on how well it complements other features inside or outside your home, such as shingles, cabinets or floors. Some types of wood are associated with certain architectural styles. It can be a good idea to talk to a wood expert who can answer your questions about the kinds of materials available.

One of the nice elements in choosing a wood paneled door is the chance to finish it in a variety of ways. Wood takes stain (either clear or tinted) and paint well, so you really can vary the look of a door quickly and easily. A properly finished door will probably also weather outdoor elements well, so it’s an important step in a wood paneled exterior door especially.

The durability of your door may depend at least in part on what you pay for it. More expensive doors tend to be constructed more solidly, which is particularly important for exterior doors. What materials wood panel doors are made from depend on whether they are exterior or interior doors, and on the type of wood species you choose for the wood paneling veneer.

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