What is the Difference Between a Panel Door and a Flush Door?

Flush DoorsFinding out the difference between a panel door and a flush door is important for those who want to replace a door in their home or perhaps design the interior of a newly constructed home. One of the biggest differences between these two types of doors has to do with their appearance. Take a look at the differences between panel doors and flush doors to find out why a person may prefer one door over the other.

Panel Doors versus Flush Doors

The main difference between a panel door and a flush door can be found in their construction. The design of a panel door features stiles and rails. A stile is a length of wood positioned vertically on a door. Rails are lengths of wood that run horizontally across a door. The flat panels of the door fit between its stiles and rails. Alternatively, a flush door has a flat, smooth surface without the elaborate design work of a panel door. A flush door is made up of a single solid piece of wood. Both types of doors can be made with different kinds of wood and can be found in a variety of colors.

Popular Reasons for Choosing a Panel Door

One of the reasons for the popularity of panel doors is that they are more decorative than flush doors. The texture of panel doors can add interest to the décor of a room. Plus, there are different styles of panel doors. One homeowner may choose to get a panel door with one stile and one rail while another person wants to get a six panel door that includes three stiles and three rails, according to Finish Carpentry Help. In short, there are more options for someone who chooses to install panel doors in his or her home. In addition, the actual panels in a panel door expand and contract with changing humidity levels. This can help to prolong the life and appearance of this type of door. Many people choose a panel door for the exterior of their home. They want to make a stylish first impression with visitors.

Popular Reasons for Choosing a Flush Door

Of course, there are many individuals who prefer flush doors over panel doors. A person getting a flush door has the choice between one with a hollow construction and one that is solid inside. A closed flush door of solid construction keeps more noise out of a room than one with a hollow construction. Plus, a solid flush door helps to keep the warm air inside a room during the wintertime and keeps the air conditioning inside during the summer. Since flush doors are easier to create than panel doors, they tend to be less expensive.

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Finally, individuals who are trying to decide between a panel door and flush door should think about whether they want a decorative door or a more practical one. The price difference between a panel door and a flush door can also play a large part in a person’s final decision, especially if he or she is buying a complete set of doors for a home.