What is the Best Type of Door to Prevent Break-ins?

Doors to Prevent Break-insBreak-ins are an unfortunate risk that you may face as a homeowner. Regardless of which area of town you live in, thieves may try to take the items that you have inside your home. While some may employ advanced techniques to get inside your home, many will simply break in the front door, take thing quickly and leave through the front door. Because of this, one of the best steps that you can take to prevent a break-in is to upgrade your front door. While your front door is certainly a decorative item that can enhance curb appeal, it also is important to the security of your home. With this in mind, you may be wondering which type of front door is the best option to prevent a break in.

Types of Front Doors

There are numerous types of front doors that you can choose from. The most obvious difference between front doors will be whether the door has a solid appearance or it a window feature. In addition to this, the material of the door is a primary factory. Some doors may be hollow, and others may have a hard center. You may have a solid wood door, a hollow steel door, an aluminum or fiberglass door or other options. While you want to pick a door with an attractive style, you should consider how these materials and styles may impact the security of your home.

How to Select Your Door

According to Consumer Reports, when you select your front door, you should first define your budget. Front doors may range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars or more. They may be plain, stained, ornate or unique in other ways. The curb appeal of your home is dramatically impacted by the color and style of the door, and you should select a door that is affordable for your budget and that looks great with your home’s exterior. More than that, you should focus on the door’s features that may impact security. In order to accomplish this, you may need to think like a criminal for a moment.

Other Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your Front Door

Since most criminals who break in through the front door will kick it open, rather than pick the lock, you should consider investing in a sturdy, solid door when possible. Lighter weight doors may be easier to bust through by kicking them. When you do this, the door may not give way, but the door frame may break. Because of this, consider upgrading your lock fixture to a fixture with an extra long deadbolt or even two deadbolts. Reinforcing the frame may also be beneficial. You may also opt for a door that does not have glass located near a lock. After all, if a criminal cannot get in the door by kicking it open, he may simply crack the glass and attempt to unlock the door by reaching in.

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If you are concerned about home security, it makes sense that you would consider upgrading your front door. While all front doors provide you with some security, some styles of front doors and related features may offer enhanced protection. Consider each of these points as you make your decision, and you may be able to secure your home more fully.