What is an Impact-Resistant Door?

Impact-Resistant DoorAn impact-resistant door, as the name would suggest, is a re-enforced door that offers protection from weather and intruders. They commonly are made of steel, aluminum or a high-grade, re-enforced wood. If there is a glass component to the door, it would consist of impact-resistant layered glass. The impact-resistant glass is an acrylic or polymer inner layer sandwiched between two sheets of shatter-resistant glass.

Impact-resistant doors can provide a variety of benefits for homeowners. In addition to helping prevent damage and injury that can be caused by the wind, water and debris entering your home, the doors offer additional benefits. Impact-resistant doors also offer security from intruders, a possible reduction in homeowner’s insurance premiums, noise reduction and valuable savings on heating and cooling costs.

Added Safety and Security

In the event of high winds from a hurricane or tropical storm, impact-resistant doors are made to withstand flying debris and projectiles. The reinforced glass and door also provide a formidable barrier to forced entry helping to keep homeowners safe from burglars.

Financial Savings

An impact-resistant door is a feature that can add value to the home by increasing both the appraised value and the perceived value from a buyer’s perspective. Also to impacting the equity of a home, the insulation and secure fitting impact-resistant door can reduce heat-loss.

Additional Benefits

Impact-resistant doors also offers noise reduction, structural integrity, protection against fading as Impact-resistant glass blocks out nearly 100% of harmful UV rays. The doors keep carpets, furniture and window coverings safe from the damaging effects of the sun’s damaging UV rays.

Energy Efficiency

The tight seal and finish of impact-resistant doors seals a home from the elements and can greatly increase energy efficiency reducing heat loss and lowering cooling costs.

All of these benefits make impact resistant windows and doors the ultimate choice from a value-add, security and safety protection perspective. When purchasing an impract-resistant door, homeowners are advised to compare how the manufacturer’s product performs in testing using industry wide impact-resistant test standards. FEMA offers some valuable information related to impact-resistant doors.

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