What is an Adjustable Threshold for a Door?

Door thresholdIf you’ve ever thought of ways to increase energy efficiency in your home, you may have found yourself wondering what is an adjustable threshold for a door? And you might have also wondered how an adjustable threshold works to solve the most common issues with improper door seals.

Benefits Of Adjustable Door Thresholds

Adjustable door thresholds can help improve energy efficiency and help to lower energy bills by sealing the bottom of the door. Other benefits of an adjustable threshold for a door include:

  • They can provide compensation when the door bottom is uneven
  • Keep hot and cold temperature extremes outdoors
  • Help to keep water from getting in
  • Can help keep bugs, spiders and other pests out
  • Adjustable thresholds for doors are usually easy to adjust

Materials Adjustable Thresholds Are Made From

Adjustable thresholds are made from a combination of different types of wood and aluminum, or sometimes they’re accented with other metallic materials like brass, chrome or steel. The part that is adjustable is normally covered with a strip of vinyl.

There are usually screws under the vinyl that can be used to tighten or loosen the adjustable thresholds. It may take several attempts to get it exactly as you like it, but the results will be worthwhile. Tips on adjusting thresholds for doors and for installing adjustable thresholds for doors are worth researching to be sure it’s done right, according to This Old House.

Proper Adjustment of Door Thresholds Has Benefits

Having door thresholds that are adjusted correctly can lead to benefits like longer life of your door, a weather-tight seal that helps with energy efficiency, less wear and tear on the door and a door that opens and closes easily. Adjustable thresholds for doors are a wise investment in home improvement.

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