What is a Slab Door?

Slab DoorA slab door is a door that does not have any hardware installed, such as hinges, and has not been prepped for a door knob, lock or depending on the project, stops and closers, according to Wise Geek. A slab can be either paneled or flat, hollow or solid, and is usually manufactured out of three common materials: wood, metal, or a composite material. Unlike a pre-hung door, which is already fitted and installed into a frame, a slab door is not connected to a frame. Because slab doors are not pre-attached, they often provide a more affordable option for buyers. Slab doors are also a more versatile type of door, allowing a builder to install them in a number of locations. They are useful when a door needs replacing into an existing frame and are essentially a blank slate.

Pre-hung doors, by contrast, can only swing in a prescribed direction depending on which side of the frame the jamb is located and tend to be more expensive. They also already come with hardware fitted. Depending on one’s budget and skill level, a pre-hung door might be a good option, but might be more expensive.

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Installation of a slab door requires a high degree of skill and a repertoire of tools for preparing the door. Metal and fiberglass doors require additional special tools and therefore an experienced professional is useful for installation. Hinge placement can be tricky, on both the slab door and the jamb. Where a door is being replaced, the preexisting door can be used as a measuring guide. Though a certain amount of skill is required to achieve optimal fit for your slab door, it can be done with guidance and expertise, resulting in a door tailored to your needs.