What is a Security Door?

Security DoorA security door is a specially made door to help better protect homes from intruders, such as burglars. Although almost nothing can provide 100 percent security, the construction and installation of a security door makes it almost impossible to break through or pick the lock.

Types of Security Doors

There are many types of security doors. Most manufacturers follow the guidelines established by the American National Standards Institute, which is recognized internationally. Along with metal, steel or aluminum, security doors are also made with mesh and a heavy metal farm installed to allow for air to flow through, but still keep you protected. Not only are the doors sturdy, they’re installed using special recessed hinges.

Security Door Locks

The locks on a security doors are also manufactured following the American National Standards Institute guidelines. Security locks come in a variety of types, such as door bars, cylinder locks, chains. Businesses also use door closers, which installed at the top of the door to ensure the door closes behind everyone that enters and exits.

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Although security doors and locks can be purchased through any home improvement store, its best to have a professional install the door. Professional installers have the appropriate tools and equipment to ensure the door and lock are installed properly. They’re also knowledgeable of what attracts intruders to a door if they know it wasn’t installed properly or not secure. Not only does a security doors add an added sense of safety, today’s manufacturing makes them attractive and elegant.