What is a Roller Door?

Roller DoorA roller door is perhaps one of the most viable garage door solutions available today. Its vertical function and clever design allow the operator to open it and close it manually or remotely. This space-saving commodity can be installed in virtually any setting and customized to any desired size.

Small roller doors are typically fabricated from one single panel that slides over the garage ceiling, according to Rolling Doors and Gates. The larger versions are manufactured from horizontally joined smaller panels that may roll into a pocket over the opening of the garage. In both cases, the door is reinforced with a spring mechanism to ease the effort of operation.

The Design

Roller doors are usually assembled from corrugated steel for its durability and strength. Besides low cost, a roller door adds to the security and resistance to damage. Additionally, some types can be structured from multiple aluminum panels filled with insulating materials to provide additional thermal benefits and acoustic value.

Types of Roller Doors and Materials Used

Metal Doors – This type of door is fabricated from galvanized steel, and it is the most cost effective choice for many property owners.

Wooden Doors – It is the most expensive choice, and it requires high maintenance and frequent repairs or replacements as the continuous moving warps the wood and causes it to crack prematurely. However, it is often chosen for its aesthetic value.

Fiberglass and Vinyl Doors – Often preferred for its exceptional composite elements, this style is fabricated with a steel core under vinyl or fiberglass panels. The interior section is filled with foam insulation to prevent loss of heat. It can also be constructed to closely mimic the appearance of real wood.

Aluminum Doors – They are inexpensive, light in weight, rust-resistant and low maintenance. However, because of its conductive properties, this type of door is difficult to insulate, and the light material is prone to denting and damage.

Roller doors are relatively easy to operate and only require periodic visual inspections and lubrication of the operating mechanisms.

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