What is a Prehung Door?

Prehung DoorA prehung door is a door that requires less installation, because it’s prefabricated at during the manufacturing process. Because many of the additional parts required to install a door are included with the door, it speeds up the installation process. With today’s home building and door manufacturing, prehung doors are found in many new homes and can also be installed in older homes.


The assembly of a prehung door includes the pre-installed hinges attached to the doorjamb. This requires less measuring and tools required to attach the hinges to the door and frame. While many of these doors are used on the interior of a home, prehung doors are also available with the thermal core for installing them on exterior walls.


Although easier to install, expert carpenter from This Old House, Tom Silva, suggests even prehung  require some precision and time. He suggests adjusting the door and jam to help attach it to the wall frame. If the prehung doors is not adjusted properly, it won’t open and close without effort. It may also require additional shims to ensure the door sits properly in its frame.

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Although a prehung door seems easier to install, ensure its quality and that it meets the American National Standards Institute for quality and security. It may be best to have a professional install the door. Although interior prehung doors are generally hollow, purchasing insulated doors may increase energy efficiency inside the home. Simply by keeping the door closed in rooms that are not used often, such as a guest bedroom, it will keep heat or cool are in other areas of the home.