What is a Pet Door?

Pet DoorA pet door can be a blessing to both pets and pet owners. The pet is given independence and exercise, and the pet owner is freed from getting up to let their pet out and the worry of making it home in time to prevent accidents. They are also good for inside doors, giving the owner control of the rooms the pet can access.

Choices of Pet Doors

There are many choices of doors for pets that take into account the climate, the size of your pet, the needs of the owner and the type of door in which the pet door will be installed. For harsh weather, energy efficient pet doors keep the heat or air conditioning inside the house, according to Pet Safe.

Places a Pet Door Can Be Installed

The door for your pet can be installed into walls, wooden doors and screen doors, and as an insert for sliding glass doors. It is possible to cut a glass door to install a pet door, but that takes a professional. For thicker walls or just for preference, there are tunnel extension pet doors.


Sometimes safety is a concern, such as keeping unwanted animals and intruders out or to let only certain pets through the door. Electronic and magnetic pet doors use a unique key on the pet’s collar that automatically allows the door to open for only that one pet and only at the programmed times.

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Peace of Mind

A pet door gives freedom and security for pets and their owners. Pets will be free from the risk of health problems due to “holding it in” or lack of exercise, and owners will have peace of mind knowing their pet is happy and healthy.