What is a Louvered Door?

Louvered DoorWhen you are searching for a perfect way to dress up your home with style and individuality, the installation of a louvered door may be an affordable and unique solution. There are many different styles of doors that are found in homes from coast to coast and beyond, but louvered doors have a special style that will differentiate your home from the homes of your friends and neighbors.

The Look of Louvered Doors

Louvered doors have a casual, relaxed look that has the hallmark feature of slats running in horizontal fashion across the door, according to Masonite. These slats typically cover almost the entire surface area of the door, and the effect is that of shutters. This is a style that is commonly referred to as a plantation-style door, and it looks great in casual yet elegant spaces. In addition, it also can look fabulous in beach-style or coastal homes because of the casual appearance of the doors. The doors may commonly be painted white or off-white, or they may be stained in your choice of natural wood hues.

The Right Look for Your Home

If you are trying to determine if louvered doors are suitable for use in your home, you may need to compare this style against the alternatives. There are numerous door styles available to choose from. In addition, consider if you want these doors in areas throughout your home. While it is not a requirement, many homeowners will replace all of the doors in a home with the same new style at the same time. This creates a uniform effect.

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Replacing your doors is a great way to add style and charm to your home. Louvered doors are just one of several options available, but this is a unique style that will help you to create a refined yet casual look in your space.