What is a Hollow Core Door?

Hollow Core DoorA hollow core door is a hallmark of most modern homes. Hollow core doors are interior doors commonly used for closets, bathrooms, and bedrooms. Despite the name, hollow core interior doors are not actually hollow; instead, the door has an interior fiberboard structure that provides some strength to keep the door from warping. Hollow core doors are usually chosen as a more cost-effective alternative to solid wood doors and more are made from scrap wood and artificial finishes. Manufacturers typically make hollow core doors from scrap wood products that would otherwise be thrown out.

Benefits of a Hollow Core Door

The primary advantage of hollow core doors is the price. These doors are usually a fraction of the price of a solid wood door and they do provide privacy. While most hollow core doors are plain, there are now many styles available, including those with molded accents.

Limitations of Hollow Core Doors

Because hollow core doors are not as strong as solid wood, they are not used for exterior doors as they are easy to break and they are not weather resistant. Most are made with a veneered surface that is just 1/8″ thick, which means these doors are very difficult to refurbish if damaged. The veneer may be sanded lightly but many are made with all fiberboard and no veneer, which means they cannot be sanded at all.

Because they are largely hollow except for a fiberboard honeycomb structure, a hollow core door will transmit sound very well. Solid core doors offer better soundproofing.

One of the greatest limitations with hollow core doors is they can be very hard to cut to size. It is possible to cut down a hollow core door for an opening that is not standard size, although very little can be cut without damaging the door’s integrity, according to Las Vegas Review Journal.

Despite the disadvantages, hollow core doors offer several benefits to homeowners and they are now found in most modern homes. A hollow core door can be an excellent alternative to costly solid core doors for many applications.

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