What is a Hinged Door?

Hinged DoorA hinged door is the most commonly used type of door. They are versatile and easy to both install and remove, which makes them very popular. They also come in a number of different varieties to meet different requirements.

What are Hinged Doors?

A hinged door is one that is suspended in a passageway by several hinges on one side that connect it to the wall and allow it to swing open and closed. The door can then be pushed or pulled to open and close it. Most hinged doors swing only in one direction and when closed lie flush to the door jamb. Some, however, can swing both ways which makes them easier to open and close but makes them less insulated.

Types of Hinged Doors

The most common type of hinged doors is the regular single hinged door opening one way. As mentioned above, some hinged doors can also open outward on both sides of the door opening as well. They can also appear as a mirrored pair with both doors opening in the same direction; that is called a French door. Another type of hinged door is the Dutch door. Dutch doors are similar to regular hinged doors, except they are split into two sections, a top and a bottom, that can be opened separately.

When to Use a Hinged Door?

According to Family Handyman, hinged doors are inexpensive and easy to install. This makes them the first choice for both renovations and new construction. The main downside to hinged doors is that they require a lot of space in order to open and close, so if space on either side of the doorway is limited a sliding door would be a better choice.

Simple and Versatile

A hinged door is an effective and inexpensive solution in almost all projects that call for a door. That is what makes it so popular. If you are renovating or building from scratch, a hinged door will almost certainly do you well.

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