What is a Finish on a Door?

Finish on a DoorThere are several common materials that are used to make entry doors on a home, and there are even more options available for the finish on a door. The most common materials used are wood, aluminum and fiberglass. Since these materials can each be crafted in different styles and enhanced with different finishes, it is easy to give your home’s curb appeal a customized look by making changes to the door. If your door needs to be enhanced with a new finish, you may be wondering what supplies to use and how to complete this process.

Choose the Right Finish

The type of finish that is best to use with an exterior door is based in large part on the door material, according to Simpson Door. For example, a wood door will hold up well to the elements when a polyurethane stain is applied, but exterior paint may also be used. Exterior paint is also the most suitable option when finishing an aluminum or steel door. With paint, a primer should be applied first. With both stain or paint, a clear top coat should be applied as a protective covering to prevent the door from showing signs and wear and tear.

Consider the Color Carefully

The color of the door should be aesthetically pleasing with the rest of the exterior color scheme of the home. However, there is more to selecting the right color than this. For example, a lighter paint color will not fade or show wear as significantly as a dark paint color will, but it will show dirt. If you are staining a wood door, keep in mind that different types of wood will absorb stain color differently, and you may consider testing a small area of the door before applying it over the entire door.

Hire a Contractor If Necessary

Refinishing a door is a lot of work. It may need to be sanded or even stripped in some cases before the primer, stain or paint and clear top coat can be applied. Since this is one of the most noticeable features on the front of your home, you want the finished result to look amazing. For all of these reasons, hiring a contractor to complete the work may be a wise idea.

Refinishing a front door is a great way to improve curb appeal and to keep your home well-maintained. With how important the finished results are to your home, take time to follow the proper steps and to choose the right supplies for use as finish on a door.

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